We see how at parents

We see how at parents It is unlikely will be exaggeration to tell: the parent behaves as the kid frightened, deprived of love and caress.

He looks at the own child, as at the adult capable to radiate love and care.

We see how at parents two main issues mixed up here: the overestimated expectations, excessive requirements and respectively neglect own interests and needs of the child, his limited opportunities and his helplessness.

Change of roles the main reason for the frightening phenomenon of child abuse.

The torturer parent feels that his child has to assume care of emotional needs of the parent that the parent has the right for that consoled him and emotionally own child supported him.

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And now in soul

And now in soul They as though do not notice that the child behaves badly.

At more attentive studying of similar situations it became clear that parents in the childhood forced to behave too well to be good boys and to quash all natural feelings of anger and hostility.

And now in soul they have a peculiar mischievous satisfaction, allowing the child to behave as to it will like that never allowed them in the childhood, pretending to be that follow the newest theories of education.

The sense of guilt which had by parents leads to problems in education.

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Now it is necessary

Now it is necessary The first stage of preparation for they are to make sure that your teenager learned to conduct independent life.

As the child grew up, you probably arranged him control testings, such as life in summer camp or at relatives.

Now it is necessary to increase independence of the teenager and to make sure that he can quite take care of himself itself.

May he erase?

To cook for itself healthy food?

Can he cope with problems, other, inevitable for independent life?

Usually make light of need of such abilities, especially if business concerns boys.

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Perhaps, parents

Perhaps, parents The best approach to this problem to try to find out that disturbs the child that presses on it.

Perhaps, it is forced much, corrected, warned or abused.

Perhaps, parents wait from it too many, for example, only for excellent estimates at school.

Consult to school teachers of the child.

If cinemas, radio or telecasts excite it more, than other children, it is better not to allow it to look and listen, programs, especially not suitable for children.

To the girl years are more senior it is possible for fun to suggest to make manicure that she got rid of a habit to gnaw nails.

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If at the child

If at the child On the other hand, attempts to force the child to defecate when yet time did not come, eventually can lead to an emotional trauma.

If at the child who is on breastfeeding, the chair happens only every other day and it soft, it cannot be considered as a lock.

It is not obligatory for child to have a chair every day at all.

A firm chair at the child at artificial feeding.

If at the child eating cow's milk, the chair becomes firm and leaves hardly is a lock.

Consult to the doctor.

It is possible to enter juice or prunes puree into food of the child.

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